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Goodreads expatriate seeking a new online book community. I'm currently testing BookLikes to see if it could be home.

Recommended BookLikes improvements

Right now, my #1 request for the developers would be to add the ability to view the stream on my Dashboard page as headers. The equivalent of an LJ-cut tag would be nice (for those who don't use LiveJournal, this is a special tag that enables you to hide all or part of your entry behind a link. It's especially handy for longer posts or reviews that contain spoilers).


A close second is my desire for built-in comment functionality: to me, conversation is a primary component of a social site. I'd prefer not to have to install it myself, and I'd prefer not to use Disqus. The following excerpt from Wikipedia clarifies why:


Some commentators have noted the privacy issues inherent in the use of services like Disqus, which serve their content through third party JavaScript widgets.[12][13][14]


As with other embedded web widgets such as like buttons, the Disqus widget acts as a web bug which tracks a users activities, even when they are not logged in, across different sites that use the Disqus commenting system. Information tracked by Disqus.com, which may be disclosed to 3rd parties, includes pseudonymous analytics data such as a users IP address, their web-browser's version and installed add-ons, and their referring pages and exit links.[15] Although this data is referred to by Disqus as "Non-Personally Identifiable Information", such data, when aggregated, has been shown to be usable for de-anonymizing users.[13]


Users wishing to avoid these issues may opt to install a privacy-enhancing web browser extension, such as Ghostery or DoNotTrackPlus, which identify widgets such as Disqus as web-bugs,[16][17] and allows them to be blocked; this renders Disqus-powered commenting sections unviewable.


Disqus has also been criticized for publishing its registered users' entire commenting histories, along with a list of connected blogs and services, on the publicly viewable user profile pages.[18]